Shortly after I came out to British Columbia in early 2006 I had a case of severely high blood pressure. It wouldn't have been fair to an employer for me to work for them until I got my health situation sorted out. I was on medications to lower the blood pressure and it took until early 2007 to find the cause. I finally went to a naturopath who found that a microscopic parasite was the cause for all this.

While getting my health in order, I took up blogging to share my photography. This way I wasn't wasting time and others got to enjoy the photos, not just me and those close to me.

In May of this year I had a mini-stroke cause again by severely high blood pressure. I may end up gong to the naturopath again since the specialist and other MDs can't seem to find the cause. This has only been a problem out here. Before that in Ontario, the blood pressure was only marginally high, not severely high like in BC.

Knowledge is good because being forewarned is forearmed!

All that said, enjoy this blog and all the photos I share with you.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

More on Emilie and Marie - and their mother Lisa

 My son Wahid in Jakarta, Indonesia sent me some more photos of the kittens the other day.  This time they included the mother, Lisa.  My the kittens have grown!  Just so you know, Lisa is a Persian flatnose cat.  We have no idea who the father was other than he was likely white.  The dark patch on top of the head of each of the kittens is likely to do with the genes from the mother.  The kittens names are:  Emilie and Marie!  I'll keep you posted on developments.
Its awesome to be able to compare their growth with the mother right there.  They have grown a lot in a short time.  As mentioned, I will keep you posted!

- Volker

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