Shortly after I came out to British Columbia in early 2006 I had a case of severely high blood pressure. It wouldn't have been fair to an employer for me to work for them until I got my health situation sorted out. I was on medications to lower the blood pressure and it took until early 2007 to find the cause. I finally went to a naturopath who found that a microscopic parasite was the cause for all this.

While getting my health in order, I took up blogging to share my photography. This way I wasn't wasting time and others got to enjoy the photos, not just me and those close to me.

In May of this year I had a mini-stroke cause again by severely high blood pressure. I may end up gong to the naturopath again since the specialist and other MDs can't seem to find the cause. This has only been a problem out here. Before that in Ontario, the blood pressure was only marginally high, not severely high like in BC.

Knowledge is good because being forewarned is forearmed!

All that said, enjoy this blog and all the photos I share with you.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

a view on and from Burnaby Mountain

 Late last Saturday afternoon I went up to Burnaby Mountain along the south side of Burrard Inlet in the city of Burnaby to the north of where I live.  It was a short bus trip to hook up with the SkyTrain station, then a short trip by train (two stops) and then a longer bus trip to get to my destination.  Its always worth it.  The above image shows some of the shrubs leafing out.  The top of the mountain is about a thousand feet above sea level.  These are just some of the photos I took while there.  Enjoy!
 The Rose Garden near the Horizon Restaurant on the western end of the mountain looks rather lifeless but even there there were signs of spring with plenty of spring flowers in bloom, such as crocuses and spring heathers.  This will soon change as temperatures warm up.  Roses have begun sending out shoots!

 The mountains, part of the Coast Mountain chain, are snow-capped and look stunning against a clear blue sky on a bright sunny day.
 There were plenty of boats out and about on the Burrard Inlet and Indian Arm, as you can see in the above photo.  The above image look toward the north where Indian Arm is disappearing off into the distance.
I even saw a lone sailboat on Burrard Inlet just to the north of the mountain.  It was a beautiful day for a leisurely sail, don't you think?  I hope you've enjoyed these images as much as I enjoyed appreciating the view while up there!

~ Volker

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

signs of spring

Its now well into March and here on the west coast of Canada (Vancouver/BC) there are signs of spring everywhere if you look closely.  I took a shot of an Azalea shrub in full bloom this morning.  It is located on West Hastings Street at Burrard where I took the photo in the previous post.

We're struggling to reach 8 degrees Celsius while places in eastern Canada will see summer-like temperatures like Montreal, Quebec at 22 and Halifax, Nova Scotia at 24 degrees Celsius.  Oh well, with the clearing skies here, we get to enjoy the view of the snow-capped mountains in the distance against a blue sky.  And at the moment, the mountains is where the snow is staying!  What's the weather like where you are?

~ Volker

Friday, March 16, 2012

city lights

I took this photo in downtown Vancouver the other week after I left work.  This view shows the traffic and the look of the downtown at West Hastings Street at Burrard Street at sunset with darkness approaching.  What attracted me here was the reflections on the buildings, the lights and the dimming light.

With the weather getting warmer there will be more photo opportunities as we get into spring.  I walked past St.Paul's Hospital on Burrard Street late this afternoon on an errand to see that some of the early flowering trees are in bloom.  The crocuses and snowdrops are in flower as well.  There is more to look forward to.

~ Volker.